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Retreat Reflections

Fire-hooping under a full moon!

I’m returning from pure retreat bliss.  I wanted to reflect on a few insights to hopefully inspire you to sign up for an indulgent treat just for you!

For the first time EVER…

  • I spent 5 days alone, not previously knowing a soul.
  • I spent over 14 hours in a car to be with my self.
  • I wrote a book start to finish in 1 sitting (check back for the soon-to-be e-books section of my site!)
  • I enjoyed weightless beach hot tub restorative yoga asanas under a very full moon.
  • I covered my hands completely in paint creating a masterpiece.
  • I made decisions because they were right for me, and me alone.
  • I took a self portrait of my self and didn’t smile.
  • I went to bed with sandy feet and enjoyed the feeling on my bare skin and particles from the Earth.
  • I slept in a King-sized bed the “wrong way”!
  • I got up early to enjoy solo sunrise yoga practices on the beach tailored just for me!

And most importantly,

  • I allowed my self to just be!

I knew I was here to be present to the universe’s message when after the first activity we were to write a wish to share with another.  After placing my wish in the basket, and the basket made it’s way back around to me, I was the only retreat-ee to “fish my wish”.  I received many messages meant just for me throughout my luxuriously spiritual retreat.  We laughed, we cried, and we shared the deepest most vulnerable parts of our hearts – the stories that will likely never be written about on anyone’s blogs.  I got to meet many famous and accomplished women (painters, artists, dancers, yogis, lovers), and in true Jen fashion and in their humble way, I had no idea who they were!  (That is why the seat was open next to the accomplished painter in art class!)  If you’d like to see more photos from Reflections from a Roadtrip, please check out my facebook page.

And in the meantime, One Yoga Philly is deep in thought planning a
Reignite, Recharge, Recreate Just for You Retreat next September 21-25, 2011:

Cultivating Space for your Soul through Creative Expression on the beach here in Cape May, NJ.

So I don’t leave all you loyal blog readers hanging, I would like to share my wish with you, as it’s my intention for all humankind.  It is also how I began and ended my roadtrip back home to Philadelphia with the song inspiration:

Thanks Lisa Parks for such a cool photo!

My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you wanted…


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